May 06, 2005

Sick & Twisted SASF v.5.6

HA! Found some rather sick, twisted and perverted goodies for your enjoyment today, cheeeldren!

Let's get rolling, shall we?

"French Erotic Film"
...or Colin Mochrie versus Jesus H. Christ (wtf?)

This little ditty is actually work safe despite the name. It is a bit loud and obnoxious, though, so watch your volume. Featuring everything from the Pope, to pirates, Scots, spongebob, peter pan, muppets, Jay Jay, Aliens and Lady Di, it's rather stupid, but it cracked me up. Hey! Are they making fun of the homeland? Nah...

Went out for Mexican and Margaritas last night to celebrate Cinco de Mayo! Woot! I got a serious buzz off of 2 - yes, count 'em - two margaritas. Dang, what a lightweight! Sheesh...maybe I need to drink more. Pass the Baileys! ;)

Gittin' an Eddukayshun

1st - Organization - Time Management
The adventures of Emma and Mike as they explore Time Management for Anarchists. heh heh
Use the red arrows to advance the frames.

2nd - English - The One Magical Word that can express pain, anger, hate and love: The Use of Fuck Very amusing.
If you are, however, offended by profanity (prude *cough*), don't go there!

Just Plain Twisted
One of the More disturbing flash cartoons I've seen in a while, this one reminds me of Jamie's beloved Salad Fingers. Coffee Break

Oh, go here if you want to check out salad fingers...

Bitchin’ Coaster
For Nanner…Wanna go for a ride!?
There are more pics on the link. This thing looks like it's a hell of a rush!
Adrenalin junkies, unite!

May is National Masturbation Month!
Yes, Spring has sprung. You know that sexual pleasure is a birthright and that masturbation is a powerful source of sexual gratification. Since practically everyone masturbates, but few people talk about it, Good Vibrations created National Masturbation Month, a month-long celebration recognizing the many ways we can pleasure ourselves.

This year our theme is "Party of One!" Pamper yourself, enjoy your own company, take yourself out on the town -- even if you stay home to do it!

This year people all over the world will celebrate the seventh annual Masturbate-A-Thon, raising funds for worthy community-based organizations that focus on women's health, safer sex, HIV education, and other sex-positive causes. Good Vibrations is pleased to donate funds raised through the Masturbate-A-Thon to The Center for Sex & Culture, a new San Francisco nonprofit which is raising money to open a library and archive, where they'll also hold classes, salons, art events and more. The CSC is holding its own Masturbate-A-Thon, too -- live! For details, visit

Whether you enjoy it solo, with a sweetheart, or just talk up masturbation's pleasures and benefits, you are invited to join us in our celebration!

Now, this I can do! ;p

Speaking of Which...
This is for my favorite curling toes man. ahem. heh. Very funny. The video is work safe, but some of the ads surrounding it might not be, so beware. The music is what makes it...riiiight. lol

Just for Shits & Giggles
This fun video is simply a celebration of kicking some ass, biting it and blowing shit up! Weeee!

Have a great weekend, peeps!


  1. amazing and funny stuff babe! how you find all this silly stuff is beyond me!!

    have a good weekend sweets!!!


  2. Funny funny stuff girlie!

    Did you know that fuck stands for fornifcation under consent of king. Just thought I would share that useless knowledge that I have stored in my head.

  3. Cool stuff! Hey you know something, I was reading along and clicking on links and then I read "May is National Masturbation Month" so I gotta go now. Okay, bye! LOL
    Happy Mother's Day guuuurl!
    Lois Lane

  4. Fuck? -

    Hey sweetapea! Masturbation Month? Woooo! Umm, I guess the only difference will be that I'll wear a party hat.

    Have a GREAT weekend, and a Happy Mother's Day. :)

  5. What Lovisa said. The party hat might make it even more fun.

  6. Hey! Depends on how you wear the hat! :)
    That coaster is AWESOME - right now - want to ride that right now - no, wait, just ate lunch - ok! In an hour :)
    I just like the word "Fuck" - seems to say a lot without using up a lot of air and time ;)
    Well, the only vid that loaded was the last one - now I just HURT all over - OUCH!

  7. Se7en - I collect the as I surf around throughout the week. Weee! You too!

    Jenn - I've heard that...consent of king. pffft. I dig trivia. :)

    Lois - hee hee. You too!

    Lovie - that is the straight dope. LOL Oooh, party hats! Weeee! You too, sweetie.

    Michael - oh my, what a mental image. *snicker* thanks!

    Seamus - depends? Who said anything about depends? Oh! yeah...
    I'm going with you on that coaster!! ...but then...all that adrenalin... ;)
    Fuck is a kickass word.
    Watch the rest of these at home... That last one, ouch is right! ha ha

  8. you know the specs on that coaster? 90-some odd miles per hour? 600-some-odd feet in the air? Damn right! I watched my friends take it when we were at cedar point, but I "saved it for next time," as it were. It's the only Cedar Point coaster I haven't gone on (yet).

  9. Derek - YOWZA! Cedar Point? I am so there. :)

  10. Okay dear!
    Because you are my beloved friend I swear I will show my support by masturbating as much as possible this month.

    Yes yes...such a sacrifice I know! LOL

    Love coasters!