January 14, 2007

Bad to the Bone

Hello! Yes, yes, I am alive and well...I've just been a bit swept away from the blogger world, that's all. I've been bad and I apologize for seemingly abandoning this, my home on the internet.

Honestly...it's Second Life. Really. It's pretty much all I do while on-line now-a-days. I dance in a club there, have a place of my own, have tons of wonderful friends and am even working on starting my own business. I'm learning to build things, and reception to them has been great, so I'm looking into selling them. There are people who actually make a living running their own business in Second Life, peeps! I'm not kidding. Find something that's in demand, word gets out and you've got it. It's no joke really...Second Life is growing like a field of weeds.

...a few stats for you:
Total Second Life Residents: 2,594,214
Online Now: 21,499
US$ Spent Last 24hours: $849,397

That's 24 hours. Nearly a million in 24 hours. There are days that I've seen it to be over a million. Unfortunately, they are a private company right now, so no stock available, but you can bet I'll be buying some if they go public. Wooo ha!

I've actually considered starting a Second Life blog. I think I would call it "Avies Behaving Badly". *grins* There are tons of them...go look. It's just that there are so many crazy things that go on, so many tangled up relationships and scenarios. It really would be a scream. I've explored the world of being a neko(part cat, part human), have gotten to know the social and feeding habits of shemales, befriended furries and demons...it's freaking amazing. Oh...and I'm a dominatrix in training! :p

Sooo...how are you? lol

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