February 24, 2007


Damn, I overdid it last night. I'm told by my partner in crime, a girl I've been friends with since we were four years old, that we now have a Friday night tradition. That would be going to Hugh's Jungle Room and dancing, drinking and doing karaoke. Yes, that's right - Celti got up on stage and sang. EEP!

I had not performed in public since college musicals. Although I know I sound freaking awesome when singing in my car to the radio (lol), I wasn't so sure about this. Turns out I did ok...got a few compliments from strangers, so it couldn't have been half bad. I sang "strong enough" by Cheryl Crow. :)

Anyway, they have this signature drink there named a Texas (something quite rude that rhymes with agate) and whoo, boy. It's a powerful concoction. I only had three last night and man, was I blasted. This morning, I was most certainly green around the gills. ack.

I won't share my views on my musical performance of last night. Let's just say ack again. lol Anyway, I'll beware of the drinks, and will be sure to pick out more songs that suit my range and attitude like Cheryl. :)

My friend, I'll call her Neece, is a freaking hoot. In the 30+ years we've been friends, we've never fought, never had a falling out at all. We tend to go for periods where we don't see each other much, then we fall right back in just as if we talked yesterday. She is a priceless gem.

Ahhh, fun times...

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