November 27, 2007

Have I lost it? Why YES!


Is spring here yet? Shit. Guess not.

"Elaine - Enjoying a Few Drinks and a Traditional Mustard Easter Cigar with Bathing Easterish Ponies, Hello Kitty Heads and a Ton of Headache Inducing Marshmellow Fuckwads" by Merkley

My sidebar is borked. So is my header. Jeebus, even my profile image is. I have to get my butt in gear and fix all this stuff...or not. Damn, I'm lazy.

Yeah...I hotlinked. Bad girl! *swats self in the butt* If someone yells, I'll fix it but I'm to feckin' lazy to do it without being yelled at. lol

My dad told me that "the Golden Compass" is evil because it's an athiest movie. huh? O.o

Just in case you wondered, 'tater tots are evil. pure.evil. yes.

I used to be apathetic but now I just don't care.

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