January 09, 2008

It's a Cyber-Cat's Life

Many of you that come here or have been coming here know that I've been spending most of my on-line time playing Second Life. It's an amazing on-line world, and there are many games inside the game. Well, recently, I've tried something new in there and have found it very entertaining.

The world of Gor, based on the novels of John Norman, has a huge presence in Second Life. It is a somewhat primitive world, involving an alternate planet where men are very dominant and many women live as slaves. See the link for a lot more details if you're curious...it's rather complicated actually.

Quite a while back, a friend was telling me about her involvement in Gor in the role of a panther. Panthers are, in a nutshell, outlaws and escaped slaves - female warriors who live in tribes in the woods and jungles. Very protective of their own and dedicated to their tribes, they are fierce fighters. The world of Gor in Second Life relying on role playing to weave the intricate stories of each person's life there, panthers spend most of their days defending their territory and their "sisters" from invasions from unfriendly tribal rivals and Gorean men looking for slaves. Most of the fighting is done with bows and arrows (and very realistic, I might mention) but some hand-to-hand combat with spears and daggers comes into play as well.

I was initiated into my friends tribe along with my closest friend a few weeks ago. Yes...I am now a panther. We get captured now and then and it is up to us to find a way to escape or our sisters organize a rescue party to come get us. If we are victorious in battle, our captives are usually traded for goods or for a captive sister that the enemy may have. Sometimes, however, they are kept as slaves of the tribe and, now and then, they can even be killed. It's an exciting and some times savage world full of great fun and adventure.

Panther Celti :)

Last night, I kicked a Gorean pig's butt, tied him up and traded him for two bars of chocolate. whoochacha!

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