August 17, 2004

Things That Make Me Happy

~ the scent of fresh rosemary
~ the way my son runs across the playground and leaps into my arms when I arrive to pick him up
~ the way my favorite songs make my rear view mirror vibrate when I turn it up
~ silver celtic knotwork jewelry
~ petting my wonderful kitty, Leonardo
~ fresh raspberries frozen inside ice cubes
~ laying on a hillside on a velux blanket and picking out shapes in the clouds
~ fireworks
~ the sound of my son's laughter
~ the way apples and cinnimon smell when they're baking together
~ thunderstorms with lots of thunder and lightening
~ the way the outdoors smells right after a thunderstorm
~ Bailey's Irish Cream
~ walking through the forest and the way the sun filters through the trees
~ the little dance my dog, Pugsley, does when I come home
~ iced Mocha Cafe
~ trying out a new recipe and finding that it's delicious
~ rhubarb
~ doing something really nice to surprise someone I care about when they totally don't expect it
~ the way fresh cheese curds squeak when you eat them
~ floating down the apple river in a tube
~ camp fires
~ finding new and wonderful friends who you feel like you've known all your life

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  1. Not all are true. Everyone has their own way of thinking but I think they have to reconsider. I like to argue for the most accurate results.