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April 19, 2004

Drive the New Ford Catkiller!

So, Ford comes up with a new idea for a web marketing campaign promoting the new Ford Sportka...only problem is that they kill a cat in the ad! I understand the concept - they want this little mini car to be seen as a little badass, but I couldn't help but cringe as I watched the poor little guy struggle. Now that people are pissed, they are saying that "no animals were harmed" and that the cat was computer generated. If that be the case, it's some of the best cg that I've seen because that cat looks absolutely real. I don't buy it...I think it was a real cat and they just don't want the fallout. They are also trying to cash in on the sensationalism by getting the word out about this car. I would never buy a fucking Ford anyway.

What do you think? Is the cat real???


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