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July 16, 2004

'Quake Watch 2004

Some of you will probably remember this post, where I talked about earthquake problems coming to the midwest.    I pointed out this 23 acre lake in eastern Missouri that disappeared like someone pulled the plug out of the bath tub.  Although there was no mention of it in any of the articles I read, this lake is very near the New Madrid Fault...a huge fault line that produced a devastating earthquake in the early 1800s.  Scientists have been predicting another big one on that fault for years now.    My intuition tells me that there is some major moving around going on down there, and something broke loose and sucked down that lake.  

That was June 30.  In the last month, I have found reports of 5 earthquakes. 
June 15, there was a 3.7 centered at Canalou Mo, which is just west of New Madrid.
June 28, there was a 4.5 between St. Louis and Chicago. 
This morning at 7:17 am, there was an earthquake that was 3.3 on the Richter scale near where Iowa, Nebraska and Missouri meet.  
Last night at 10:30 there was a 3.5 near where Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky meet (very near if not on the fault).  
There was another one that was around 3.5 near where Missouri, Illinois and Iowa meet about a week ago. 
I'm no fatalist and I don't profess to be psychic, but I predict that these will continue, increasing in severity leading up to a very nasty one. 
I guess we'll see...


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