July 14, 2004

Tidbits of Wit, Torment & Irony

Knee Slapper
First, I want to thank EvilScienceChick for finding this. Farking hilarious! I giggled like and idiot, attracting all kinds of "what the hell is she doing in there" attention to myself here at work. Best laugh of the day so far.

It takes a while to load, but is worth the wait. Their servers can't handle much of a load either, so you might have to keep trying.

Make Love to That Pouch!
So, what the hell is up with that Ugoff guy? Is he real or a figment of BK's ad agency's imagination? Anyone know? I have to say that I am annoyingly intrigued.

MJ Going out with a Boom (literally)!
Rumor has it that Michael Jackson is planning on committing suicide. Get this...on New Years Eve 2004, he plans to trigger a mechanism (in a secret location, of course) that will drop a 3000 pound iron slab onto him, crushing him to bits. And...drumroll, please...it will be broadcast live on the internet! Woot! I'm there. The slab will then lift back up so that viewers can see what's left. Michael even gives his reasoning here. It will be interesting to see if this ends up being a hoax or not.

Smash the Guitar for Mommy
THIS is the summer camp I want to send my kid to. Jeff Carlisi, former guitarist for 38 Special, is the director of "Camp Jam" - a summer camp where kids literally learn to rock. It is in the Atlanta, GA area. If you've seen "School of Rock" (I recommend it), you'll understand. Read the news story for a lot more info.

Sweet Justice
This guy get's what he's got coming to him after creating a little bit of a hostage crisis.

Dandy Blog Link of the Day
My Trailerpark - a touching tale of a bright young lad and the people who live around him.


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