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September 13, 2004

Lebowski Love

I made a delightful purchase this weekend - The Big Lebowski on DVD. I used to have it on VHS, but lent it to someone and it was never seen again (I hate it when that happens). I snatched it up when I saw it like I had found money on the sidewalk - the only copy on the shelf, and buried it my cart like treasure to assure that it wouldn't be wrenched from my grasp once again. It was high time that it take it's rightful place in my collection.

This movie is simply brilliant. If you haven't seen it - do! Seriously, it is a work of art.

Favorite Moments:
When the Dude drops the joint in his crotch and crashes his car

"It's uh, it's down there somewhere. Lemme take another look" (head back in toilet)

"OVER THE LINE! MARK IT ZERO!" "Smokey, you are entering a world of pain..!"

The dude tries to defend himself when thrown into the limo with Jeoffrey Lebowski and Brandt. "New shit has come to light, man! You know has it ever occured to you that instead of running around given the nature of all this new shit, uh uh this could be a lot more of a complex and uh uh ya know it might not be such a simple, uh ya know."

When the dude gets thrown into the car- "hey, careful man, theres a beverage here"

The Jesus - his little dance, the whole creepy sex offender thing, all of it.

The dude says "I need my fucking johnson" and Donny says (with a puzzled look on his face)say "what do you need that for, dude?"

Donnie: "I am the walrus." "Who stole your undies, Walter?"

"Mind if I do a J?"

Spreading Donnie's ashes on the windy cliff

When Dude looks at the police chief and says, "I'm sorry, I wasn't listening." And the police chief bounces the coffee cup off his head.

"ahh man, they finally did it - they killed my fucking car"

Any part when Walter gets pissed - especially the Lenin bit and the "family restaurant" scene

Dude's landlord and his dance performance

The entire dream sequence.

There are so many more...

Interesting Trivia Bits:

The Coen brothers wrote the part of "the Dude" especially for Jeff Bridges, who fits in the part like a glove.

The date on the check that The Dude is writing at Ralph's - it's Sept. 11. It's especially interesting because the Dude's eyes are going from the check to the elder George Bush, as he's doing his "This aggression will not stand" speech.

The majority of the clothes The Dude wears are Jeff Bridges' own.

The Dude drinks a total of eight of his favorite adult beverage during the course of the film. The Dude's trademark drink can be prepared in several slightly different ways, but the most commonly accepted version is this recipe:

1 fl oz vodka
1/2 fl oz Kahlua
2 fl oz cream

Throughout the whole movie the Dude is not seen bowling once. However, every time you see Donnie bowl he gets a strike, except for the last bowling scene - he does not get a strike and he dies of a heart attack a few minutes after this.

Check out a page from Jeff Bridges' website: A very interesting dude, indeed!

There is an annual "Lewbowski Fest" that is a celebration of all things Lebowski and includes: Unlimited Bowling and Shoe Rental, Costume, Trivia, Farthest Traveled, and Bowling Contests, Celebrity Appearances, White Russians, Sarsaparillas, and Oat Sodas, & Screening of the film. I'm there, dude!

According to the "Which Big Lebowski character are you?" quiz:

Why don't you check it out? Or we cut off your Johnson!

The Dude abides.


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