September 21, 2004

Recipe for Mishmash

RIP Speed
I can't believe they killed off Speed on CSI Miami. I love this show. Speed was an awesome character. I guess he didn't want to renew his contract. His death scene was very well done and believable. Poor guy. Wonder what stoner he's going to play in his next movie.

Seek and You Shall Find (or Maybe Not)
Some recent searches for the following things have led people to my blog:

"m&m's a-mazing contortionist" (huh?)
"cross under bed evil celtic" heh heh
"girly cross tattoos"
"ce" WTF?
"pinup goth toons"
"TJ Butts"

Checkin' Out
I think I've been poisined. I am very allergic to Nutra Sweet and I think the mango punch I drank at lunch was laced with it. I know how I feel when I get some...bad headache, dizziness, blurred vision...yep. I'm going home to lay down before I fall down. Take care, peeps...

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