September 20, 2004

Why Yes, I Would Like Some Cheese with my Whine!

I am just a freakin' mess today.

I'm tired - didn't get enough sleep over the weekend. That's what I deserve for thinking it's a cool idea to stay up late when I have a toddler who likes to get up at the crack of dawn. Said toddler didn't want to go to daycare today, so I had to shake off a crying, whining child (which breaks my heart) to get out of there and get to work late.

I have a new "face invader" that is trying to take over the western region of my chin. It's one of those that is connected to every nerve in your body, so if you touch it you go into convulsions.

I hurt. I did a lot of house work this weekend, laundry & such but I don't think that's it. I got my first professional massage on Saturday. It was wonderful and felt fantastic, but now I am sore. Ouch. She warned me that this might happen, but damn! It feels like she beat me up! To make matters worse, Aunt Flo is in town, so my innards hurt, too.

There isn't as much blogger love going around these days. Lots of people are taking a break from blogging, going on vacation...just not around. No new post at their place to read, no comments from them on my posts... The prolonged absence of certain individuals makes me sad, sad, sad.

I have a cold. I think it's on it's way out as it is much better than a few days ago. My ears are plugged up, though, and they keep popping and snapping. Now you're deaf, now you're's annoying to say the least.

I have no internet access at home. You see, the young man who rents our spare bedroom has a thing for internet porn. Due to some of his little "surf & spank" parties, my PC has repeatedly been filled with adware, viruses and spyware. Some of it I have managed to remove, but not all. There were a few things that you had to shut down manually before you could get online, but I could make it work. I asked him not to surf porn - he continued. I TOLD him not to use my computer at all - he continued. I locked him out with a password, he would hard reboot to get around it. I flipped out so he thought he would take care of things by trying to exorcise his demons from my PC himself. He managed to delete some very important things in the process, and now I can not get online. I have no windows disk, so I am screwed. I am looking for a new computer. He is looking for a new place to live.

The front passenger side ball joint is going out in my car. Yay.

Ok, that's enough bitching.

Think Happy Thoughts...
Think Happy Thoughts...
Think Happy Thoughts...

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