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October 21, 2004

I Like my Butter Whipped

Well, my last post has gone to that great blog in the sky. Although I am angry and frustrated at myself for letting the actions of one person affect me to that degree, I know that I can get over it and move on.

To those of you that contributed your words of wisdom and affection, thank you for helping to whip me back into shape. You guys are the reason why I stick around this place and I love you. You know who you are.

Gawd, I am such a dork.

So, to provide further proof of what a dork I am, I will proceed with the post that I had planned on doing today.

Celti Trivia

I am a strange character...really, you have no idea. I have done some really wierd things. Some of them are impressive, some are not, some are just very odd...

 I used to be a work-out freak. I lifted weights - seriously. At one point I was able to bench-press 200lbs. I was a landscaper at the time, and had no problems tossing railroad ties and river rock around.

 One time, my first time visiting the Mediterranean Sea, I thought it would be a cool idea to float around on a raft. The waves gently rocked me to sleep and I got one of the worst sunburns I've ever had. You see, I wan't wearing a swimsuit top, and my hooters had never seen the sun before that day. They were as red as lobsters and I couldn't wear a bra for a week.

 I have a strange fascination with death and the dead. I spent LOTS of time in the Catacombs of Paris examining the bones and I am very familiar with our local grave yards.

 I used to work as a clown, delivering balloon bouquets and singing to people for various occasions.

 Other jobs I've held:
Delicatessen/Catering worker
Domino's pizza delivery person
Landscaper/Grounds keeper
horticulturist growing poinsettias
gourmet coffee service representative
technical support for an internet service provider
marketing assistant for office equipment firm

I have never been fired from a job.

 I am an animal lover. In the last several years, I have been the proud pet-parent to a rabbit, several snakes, a very large Savannah Monitor lizard, several dogs, several cats and fish. I now, however, have trimmed my zoo down to one dog, one cat, and one snake.

 My Hair - it's gone through many transformations.
I was born blonde (no blonde jokes, damn it!)
I dyed black stripes in it
I dyed it completely black
I dyed it auburn
I dyed it bright red
I went back to blonde
I was the first person at my high school to have a rat tail
At one point, I had my hair long in the back, short and spiked on the top and completely shaved on the sides above and behind my ears. Yes, I confess to having had a bull-dyke mullet from hell. Hey, it was the thing in 1984!


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