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October 25, 2004

Saturday Afternoon Cooter Pie

I finally got to meet another blogger! Saturday afternoon, Cooter/Ang and I got together for some drinkity drinks.

What could have been a small disaster (aka my bad choice of bars) was diverted when we both managed to descend upon the small, unmarked, closed bar. She had forgotten the e-mail with my directions and phone number, I had forgotten to write down her cell phone number and had chosen a bar that didn't open until later in the day and did not happen to have the name of the bar on the front of the building (I had no idea)! Jeez! So, after discovering the bar closed, I parked my butt out in front and waited. Ang pulled up a short time later, walked to the front of the bar and proceeded to find it closed as well. I flagged her down and we moseyed on down the street to another place that I know about a block away.

First impression of Ang...much taller and cuter than I expected. I've only ever seen one picture of her (on Jay's party) and it doesn't do her justice. She is a cutie pie! She had herself all done up really cute (and here I was in my jeans and black t-shirt, hair all askew. woof) like she was meeting some cute guy for the first time. HEE HEE! I was kinda honored.

So, we picked a booth in the bar and proceeded to yack like we were old friends that hadn't seen each other for a long time...for hours. We laughed and talked about other bloggers & the blog world, my dog, her dog, nieces, nephews, men, my evil twin, my silly kid, bars, blog crushes, geneaology, old blueprints, spank monkey, men, birthin' babies, drag queens, our KC blogger slumber party coming up in Jan, men, sausage and so much more!

After a couple of margaritas, I just wanted to stay there and keep chatting, but Ang had a date with a very special sausage, so we had to break away. Can't wait to get together with her again. Thanks Cooter, I had a blast!


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