April 17, 2006

Instant Monster - Just Add Sugar

Yesterday was my birthday. As most everyone is aware, it was also Easter. As do most lucky little kids on Easter morning, the D-Man got an Easter basket filled with goodies and a few toys.

Since it was my birthday, Chris was kind enough to get up with the little man and let me sleep in. When he got up, I asked him to make sure that the little guy didn't snarf down too much candy - just a few pieces and put the rest away until later. Ha! Yeah, right. By the time I got up a couple of hours later, the D-Man was bouncing off the walls. I am telling you - he was a complete monster.

My biggest wish for the day was to just spend a peaceful, happy day at home with my family. There really wasn't much choice anyway, beings that everything is freaking closed on Easter. Anyway, it was far from peaceful.

The D-Man was ripping all over the house, tackling the dog and both of us like a football player. He had about a 3 second attention span and would get out one thing (such as hot wheels, legos, GI Joes...) and then bounce to the next thing leaving huge messes in his wake. He even dumped the ENTIRE contents of one of his toyboxes out all over his bedroom floor. He would NOT pick anything up and immediately became angry if you would push the issue. He would not listen to a single thing we said, would not do anything we requested and was more defiant than I think I have ever seen him.

By mid afternoon, I was so frustrated and frazzled that I literally had a meltdown. I plowed through the house, cleaning up the messes that he had made, crying from frustration and disappointment.

Chris was at wits end, and so upset with him. He wanted to take him somewhere to get him out of the house so I could have some peace, but I didn't want to be alone - I wanted to have a nice day with my family, damnit. D was acting horribly, but we didn't feel that we could justify punishing him much because it was mostly due to all of the sugar. At one point, he even told Chris with bewilderment in his face that he couldn't help himself. I felt that it was my fault for buying it for him. Chris felt it was his fault for letting him eat it. Any kind of intervention we tried would be met with screaming, crying and fit-throwing which is SO unlike him.

D is usually a very active and energetic child, but he is polite, well behaved and normally does fairly well (for a 5 year old, anyway) at picking up after himself and doing as he's told. Yesterday, it was like someone stole my sweet little one away and replaced him with a demon-child. Honestly, it ruined my birthday.

He doesn't normally have much sugar in his diet at all. I've tried from the beginning to teach him to eat healthy. I don't allow him to have soda pop, and most of the snack items I keep around the house for him are things such as oranges, bananas, granola bars, yogurt and the like. I do buy him popsicles and fudge bars, but I buy the sugar free kind.

I honestly think that over the past year while I've been doing the low carb thing, he's become extra sensitive to sugar because he isn't used to having it. He never seemed to have this problem before. Perhaps I should give him a few pieces of chocolate every day so that he loses that sensitivity to it...? Gads, I don't know. Any suggestions about this are welcome. I am no dietician, but I never dreamed that having a minimal amount of sugar (or carbs, for that matter) in his diet could backfire like this. In fact, I think I will talk to a dietician about this.

Anyway, before taking him to his Grandma & Grandpa's for Easter dinner, we took him out to the ATV track and let him run around, hoping that he'd burn some of it off. Unfortunately, it had rained all night and the place was muddy as hell hence, he emerged covered in mud. *sigh* About 5:00 or so, the sugar wore off and he crashed. He slowed down considerably and became much more like himself. We ate dinner and then went home. I didn't even eat any of my birthday cake. Evil sugar - pffft.

At least we had a quiet evening - too quiet, actually. Chris was exhausted and went to bed at 7:00. I watched TV and folded laundry while the D-man played quietly in his room until bed time. He went to bed easily with our usual routine. As I sat there in the silent house with so many squashed plans I had for fun things to do throughout the day and the remnants of frustration and chaos running through my head, I was mentally exhausted. Having slept in a bit, however, I couldn't wind down and ended up drinking until I had to stop reading because the pages got fuzzy.

I'm supposed to have my review today (4 months late, mind you) and I had a nightmare that my raise was for $.025, so I woke up pissed off.

Thanks so much to the four of you who wished me a happy birthday. I do appreciate it.

Next year, I think I'm just going to forget about my birthday and let it become just another day. I feel kind of silly for being so disappointed - it's not like getting another year older is a reason to celebrate any more. Regardless, you can't be disappointed if you're not expecting anything.

Hell, my nerves are still frazzled.

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