April 26, 2006


Sorry for the lack of posts lately - I seem to be suffering from a small case of blogger burn-out combined with spring fever. It's only temporary, I'm sure.

I just saw a man having a very animated conversation with a brick retaining wall.

Ana Lucia (Michelle Rodriguez), it seems, really is a "bad ass". She is currently in jail in Hawaii due to a recent drunk driving conviction there while filming Lost. She chose the jail time over community service. She was previously ticketed for going 90 mph in a 35 zone there and didn't have insurance (like she couldn't pay if she had a crash. pfft). They're talking about possible parole violations from convictions in California. Bad girl! lol

Just learned this morning that Spamalot is coming to the Civic Center here! Squeeeee! I can't wait!

Damn, there are some good Harry Potter fan fiction writers out there. This one has completely sucked me in. Damn him.

I love the way that the morning sun, on days like today, makes steam rise off of the river in swirls. sweet.

I kicked those nasty little sinus monsters' asses right on out. heh

The shrooms are out:

The rope swing is up:

Spring has sprung!

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