May 01, 2006

Missing the Point

Today is supposed to be a national "day without immigrants." From what I understand, the protests are surrounding opposition to the government's policy regarding illegal immigrants - key word there being ILLEGAL. Yet, it seems that ALL kinds of immigrants are participating. Why are the legal ones in it? Support for their illegal friends?

I fully support the immigrants that have come to our country legally. That's how it should be done. If they come here and become a citizen, pay taxes, and become a contributing member of society, they are more than welcome in my book. After all, my ancestors along with most of everyone here's ancestors, were immigrants. It's how this country started and it contributes to the wonderful diversity that is beneficial to all.

The problem that I have with the issue, if I understand it correctly, is the illegal immigrants that are insisting that they have a right to health care, jobs, free education and other "perks" that American citizens get. Well, as far as I'm concerned, they do NOT. They don't pay taxes. The taxes that we pay is where the money comes from for welfare, public food & health care programs, our streets, our schools...

I barely bring home enough money after taxes to support my own family - why should I have to pay to support someone else who gets to keep their entire paycheck? Why should I have to pay to send their kids to school and get them the health care they need? They're sucking off the teat of society, draining the resources that those of us who pay for them need and giving nothing in return.

Oh sure, I've heard the people talking about how they clean our restrooms and floors, wash our dishes...I understand this. If they would become citizens, perhaps they could get a better job.

To me, this is the root of the issue: If you come here, pay taxes and you'll get what you deserve. If you don't contribute, you get nothing in return. What about that is so hard to understand?

Now, I do feel for them and their plight - don't get me wrong. I know that conditions in Cuba, Mexico and various other places these people come from are bad. I can understand why they want to come here and make a better life for their families. Why can't they do it legally?

To the legal immigrants that are protesting today, the ones who are ditching their jobs and skipping school - am I missing something here?

I don't get it.

Oh, yeah...happy Beltane/May Day/Whateveryoucallit. :p

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