May 04, 2006

Tag, I'm It

I AM: freaked out over last night's episode of Lost.
I SAID: I was going to quit drinking vodka, but I haven't
I WANT: a big, fat raise
I WISH: I could buy a new car
I HATE: the extreme heat and humidity we endure here in the summer
I MISS: my college friends and the awesome times we had.
I FEAR: losing my child more than anything
I HEAR: far too much negativity
I WONDER: what my son will grow up to be/do
I REGRET: not going to see Nine Inch Nails when they were here
I AM NOT: wearing any of my rings today
I DANCE: in the rain
I SING: in my car like I'm a rock star & don't care if people are staring
I CRY: when I'm angry & frustrated
I AM NOT ALWAYS: the most cheerful person
I MADE: jello jiggler eggs for D for Easter. They rocked.
I WRITE: smut. heh heh
I CONFUSE: a lot of people who try to figure me out
I NEED: about 4 more hours in the day
I SHOULD: exercise
I START: blogging when I should be working
I FINISH: a book only to dive right into another
I TAG: whomever wants to play

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