May 05, 2006

SASF v.5.5.6 - Loyalty is Rewarded

Yay yay yay! It's an SASF post! I've been slowly gathering momentum on this stuff for the last few weeks, so here are some goodies to reward those of you who have stuck with me...


Shave Everywhere!

Ok, a lot of you know that I work in marketing (if you didn't, you do now). Advertising and catching a potential customers eye is a big part of my business. THIS website/ad/whatever you want to call it is freaking brilliant. It's an interactive website that tells you all about the Philips Body Groom device and it's uses/advantages/etc. The dude who is featured there is hilariously cheeky and the more you play with him, the funnier he gets. I guess you could say he's a "trim specialist." hee hee

Potter Geekdom

For those Harry Potter fans amongst us, this Goblet of Fire spoof just might tickle your fancy. It made me giggle like an idiot.

Madeye: if you summon it, it will come.
Harry: Mr. Moody, that is NOT the way you talk to students.
Madeye: I'm talking about your broom.
Harry: GROSS!
Madeye: Quidditch
Madeye: Harry, just summon the broom to get away from the dragon.
Harry: Oh, okay.

Oh yeah...and then there's this: Snape's too sexy. hee hee hee...hee hee...bwaaahahaha! *snort*

Royal Unit MIA

In case you haven't heard, you can all relax now because King Tut's penis has been found. Actually, it never really was had just fallen off and was under him. It was mummified along with the rest of him. (As opposed to what? Putting it in a jar like Rasputin? lol) Gads, he's a crusty looking old bastard.

Ewww! *giggle*

For those rubbernecker types out there, I give you Show Me Your Wound. Yeah...people send in pictures of their injuries for all of the world to enjoy. Brilliant. I'll spare you the pictures in case any of you are squeeeeemish (don't go there if you are. *coughwimpscough*)

WTF, Color Dude?

These people/person/whoever has/have a thing with colors. The color bars at the side give you a different video for each color and dang, they are wierd. Check out this one - The Story of the Color Red, and how about the yellow one? Absofreakinglutely wierd (and a bit freaky, for that matter).

What baffles me the most, however, is the black - no video, it just says "May 10, 2006." WTF happens then?


This guy obviously has too much time on his hands. It's a nice piece of editing, though, I must say. I totally dig the hair. Rock on, dude!


In case you weren't aware, today is NO PANTS DAY!

Well, that's all I got for today, friends and neighbors. I hope you enjoyed the goodies and thanks for sticking around. *smooch*

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