May 16, 2006

Iowa, A Place to Kill Defraud Neglect Grow

In this mornings headlines today, there is death, tragedy and outrage. It's a typical day in the news, I suppose.

First, we have the 25 year old mother who killed her child - or rather let her die. The 3 year old girl died of starvation. They say she weighed twelve pounds when she died. TWELVE POUNDS! The average weight for a three year old is 33 pounds. The mother sure doesn't look malnourished to me, so I doubt it was lack of food. Hell, according to her stats from the jail, she's 5'3" and 190 pounds. She has two other children that protective services took away from her, though I haven't heard what their conditions are. HOW could a mother do something like this? I just don't understand. Couldn't someone have seen the condition this little girl was in and got her some help before it was too late?

Aww, looks like she's been crying. Perhaps that's because she's being charged with first degree murder. In my opinion, she should be locked away in a cell and left to starve to death.

Next up, we have the trio in rural Iowa who have been arrested for 176 counts of animal neglect. Authorities raided their property and seized 176 starving, sick cats and dogs. Conditions there were some of the worst that have ever been seen here in Iowa. 50 of them were so ill that they had to be euthanized. How the hell? I can't even imagine the suffering of these poor animals.

We have continuing coverage of a local scandal where a handful of greedy bastards arranged to have their salaries inflated so as to be proportionate to their egos using federal and state funds to do so. Their job? They oversee a government job training program. At least a couple of them were paying themselves in excess of $300,000 of our taxes per year with LOTS of nice perks. Someone finally noticed and now they're all unemployed and in the hot seat. heh

Moving along, we have the corpse of a dead woman that was found in a barrel in the woods. They are trying to figure out who's body it is and how it got there though it appears to have been there for years. Oh well, at least one family will be able to finally get closure when it comes to their missing loved one.

It's so hard to read the daily news and not come away from it totally depressed. There are good things going on out there, but we rarely hear about them. Someone really should start a "good news" channel of sorts - something you can watch or read after the regular news to pick up your spirits a bit.

In the hunt among today's headlines for good news, I found this:

DES MOINES, Iowa -- Travis Daniels has finished his mission -- sail one of Iowa's largest lakes to raise money for a youth sailing program. For 10 days, the Johnston man sailed Lake Red Rock in southern Iowa in a wind-whipped fundraiser which took in $7,500. His trip, which ended on Saturday, covered 1000 miles.
The money raised for the Red Rock Yacht Club's "Kruise for Kids" will be used to buy boats and other supplies to teach sailing, racing and water safety to area children ages 7 to 18.
Daniels, who's the club's commodore, said he volunteered to sail the lake because "no one else was crazy enough to do it."

Gee, I feel so uplifted. not.

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