October 24, 2006

It's the Simple Things

It really is...those little moments in life that give so much joy.

My son jumping with glee after making a goal in a soccer game.

My pumpkin spice latte and the way it warms all the way down.

My new fleece pajama pants. You see, I hardly ever buy anything for myself. Almost without fail, I go shopping and bring things home for the boys and nothing for me.

Anyway, all my pajamas are all in pretty sad shape - old and wearing out. I was out birthday shopping for D when I passed a rack of the softest, cutest pajama pants. I stopped and looked at them. They were on sale for $13 and had my name written all over them. I chose the lime green ones with the black polka dots and black kitties peeking out of shopping bags. They feel wonderful - I can't wait to put them on when I get home. ...all for $13. *sigh*

There are so many challenges in life, things to worry about, stresses to stew over. We all need to put them aside now and then and, like last night, curl up with my little boy, a book and my jammie pants. We have a date for the same tonight. ...that is, after I stop by the store and buy another pair with coffee cups on them. :)

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