October 20, 2006

WTFF v.10.20.6

Woot woot! It's Friday, folks! Here is this week's crop of WTFness for your enjoyment. I must thank the illustrious RainyPete for his contributions. Thanks, Pete! It seems that next week, Pete will be doing WTFF Friday for me - that's right, a Guest Host! Yes, you all will be subjected to his own special brand of weird and then you'll all understand why I adore him (or maybe not, that is if you don't understand me...never mind). It work out nicely for me, since I'll be deep in last-minute birthday preparations by then. D's birthday is next Sunday.


So...I finally caved and set up a MySpace page. Yeah, I know... I wanted to be able to comment on some of my friends' pages (you started it, Sidra!). You can check out my page here. If you have a MySpace, please add me. I wouldn't want to be one of those "uncool" ones with no friends. *sniff* (*snort*)

Just Because

Jackhammer Rampage

Got some pent up frustrations to work out? Bunnies and destruction just might be the ticket (actually this whole site is whacked out).
Run, bunny, ruuuun!

Chinese Robin Hood?

I've done my fair share of shooting with a compound bow and, simply put, this dude's accuracy is astounding. wow.

Gif time!

Yes, yes, I loves me some groovy .gif files. My favorites for this week:

- by the way, you see this shit on MySpace all the time and I DO NOT DO THE BLINKIES, PEOPLE. They make me feel all nervous & shit. heh

Do they really need instructions?

I mean, it's really not that tough to figure out how to get your Mile High Club membership. For those who need help... *rolls eyes*


This is one of the best things I've seen on youtube in quite a while.

When LP Covers Attack!

Christ on a ...Good Lord!

Man, people can spot Jesus anywhere. The latest:

They've even animated it so you can see it better. What I want to know is why was some idiot staring for that long at this dog's butt.
Story here.
*rolls eyes again*

Page Full of Lies

Hmmm... thought provoking.

Whee! I'm a Megastar!

There's a fun little PhotoShop contest thingy going on over on the Blue Man Group website. I participated and they put up both of my entries! Check out my handiwork here. Mine are the first two (Queen and the Ramones in case they've moved). HEEHEE!
Just a little over three weeks until the show!

All right, that's it for today. I've got to get some work done. No, not that kind of work! Sheesh!
You all have a fantastic weekend!

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