October 11, 2006

Open Up My Head and Let Me Out

...little baby! So much to say, so much to say, so much to say, so much to say...

It's amazing how loud a cat can "yell" at you when you are out of cat food. Where was he when I was at the store scratching my chin last night!?

I went out on a limb and bought some mountain fresh scented laundry soap last night. In years past, such an endeavor would leave me all itchy, pink and bumpy. I've been experimenting with perfumed lotions and such for a while and haven't had any problems, so perhaps I've outgrown it. Fingers crossed, folks - it would be nice to have good smelling laundry!

Once again, my procrastination has poised itself to bite me in the butt. There's a freeze warning for tonight here, and I haven't harvested my herbs yet. Damn. Guess what I'm doing as soon as I get home? Yep.

Parent/Teacher conferences are this afternoon. This should be interesting. It's not like I don't already know what's been going on so far, so I really don't expect any surprises. We'll see.

Speaking of D, it's been a while since I posted a pic of my little man, so here's this fall's soccer picture. He's trying to look all tough. Ha ha! He has been playing quite well this season, averaging 3 to 4 goals each game - much better than last year. Now if he can just avoid getting into fights with mouthy opponents (such as the little turd last Saturday that kept calling D and his team mates losers), it will be a dandy season. I was so proud of D for not pummeling him. What was so great was that, during the game, turd-boy was knocked flat on his face by a crowd of kids going after the ball and then the ball was immediately kicked, whapping him right upside the head. Ha! Turd, meet Karma. Oh yeah, and D's team won!

Crock pots rule. I made a kick-ass pork roast with mushrooms yesterday in mine, came home, heated up some green beans and had dinner on the table within 1/2 hour. Kachaa!

So, have you heard that CBS and YouTube are entering a partnership deal, where CBS will provide daily short content from it's various programming, and in return will split revenue from adjacent ads? YouTube is also signing deals with Sony BMG and Universal Music Group. Not only will this kick up their content, it'll let those companies keep an eye out for copyright violations and probably save YouTube a few lawsuits. Announced on the same day, Google is buying YouTube. So, all that extra and premium content is now in Google's hands. Needless to say, this just catapulted Google ahead in the portal race, significantly. (Thanks, Archmage)

Chris' dad invited Chris to learn and subsequently take over his accounting business and we are so excited! It's really been a boost to his self-esteem as he always thought that the business would be passed along to his older brother or would just eventually close. I think Chris will do a great job and, with his current customer base and my marketing ideas to bring in new business, it should provide great opportunities for our family. He's been going in to work with his dad for 2 hours every day after he gets of work to learn the ropes. It's going quite well so far. His dad is so proud of him and so relieved that the business won't simply dissolve when he retires or passes away. It's a win-win all the way around.

I bought a nice little HP printer for home several months ago. It's been nice, but it finally ran out of toner. Well, I work for a company that sells toner, so I priced a cartridge (at cost, mind you) yesterday for my printer. The damn toner costs more than I paid for the printer!!! Gah! What to do...

Lost is on tonight! Woot! That is all.

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