November 04, 2006


Ah, my dear, sweet blog, I've been neglecting you. My apologies.

It's been a shitty week and I'm cranky. The D-Man has been sickly all week with a horrible ear infection, though his fever finally broke Wednesday. He's been clingy and whiney and generally cranky as well. It's not been fun. Getting him to take his medecine has been trying.

For those who may wonder (or not), my boob-smash appointment went just fine though they are still watching closely. I'm looking forward to going back and having both smashed in two weeks. yay. Perhaps I should schedule an appointment to have a few teeth pulled with no anesthetic as well. You think?

So, it's finally the weekend. A time to relax? Hell no. Here's my agenda for this weekend: (updated w/accomplished items marked as done)

Laundry - as much as possible
Clean out sink & run dishwasher
clean up kitchen
help D pick up his toys
Feed the snake & clean out his tank
vaccum livingroom
find D some jeans without holes in the knees
Take down & put away Halloween decorations
clean out shoe shelf & put away summer shoes
help D sort out a box full of toys to go to poor kids in Mexico
grocery shopping
clean tub & toilet

Most important:
(and most essential to my sanity)


I drank far too much vodka last night. My head hurts. Ow.
I just ate scrambled eggs and bacon and now my stomach hurts, too. Joy.

Also on the agenda: smoking about 6 pounds of venison jerky. mmmm
Grilled bambi kabobs last night and they were delish.

I would like to ask a favor of you, though...if you've made it this far. I need a recommendation for what book to read next. I just finished "the Way of the Peaceful Warrior" and it was very good (although I am not a very peaceful warrior today). What's the best book you've ever read? Your input, please.

Stay tuned for further broadcasts on this station.

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