May 20, 2004

Andy Kaufman Lives!....?

Rumor has it that legendary comic Andy Kaufman is alive and well and that his death in 1984 was a hoax.

Andy has his own blog that he's started up. Per the author of the blog, Andy is "Sorry about faking my death. I always knew my biggest supporters would play along until it was the right time for me to return. Yesterday, being the 20th anniversary, was a long enough time to go away. No one has ever gone away that long before. I've been documenting my adventures for the last twenty years in journals and will be posting some of the best stories from here. Mostly though, I've just been practicing transcendental meditation throughout various parts of the world while working odd jobs and keeping a low profile...It's good to be back."

Of course, there is much speculation as to whether this character is really Andy or not. He is said to have undergone DNA testing to prove that he is, indeed, the real Andy and that friends and family will vouch for him...he certainly was wacky (did I just use the word WACKY?) enough to do something like this. I wouldn't put it past him at all.

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  • If it really is him...well...I say "Welcome Back, Andy!"

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