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May 27, 2004

Linker Backfire

I was blog jumping the other day...something I spend way too much time doing at work. I found a blog that was filled with wonderful writing...sensitive and with rare depth. It belonged to a seemingly very intelligent and creative woman and I enjoyed reading it very much. So, as I often do, I added her to my link list of "interesting people...". I add blogs to this list that I like to read and that I think like-minded people might be interested in as well - kind of my own personal blogroll.

I commented on one of her beautiful posts and she, in turn, came to visit my blog. She was "flattered" when she found a link to her site on my page, but it seems that it made her very uncomfortable as well. She didn't want others finding her blog and spying on her private thoughts and tribulations when she didn't know them (paraphrased - don't remember exactly how she put it). I apologized for making her uncomfortable and offered to remove the link if she wanted me to. She did not respond.

Apparently, this person has some serious troubles going on in her life indicated by yesterday's post regarding her world crashing down around her..no details. I clicked the link to go back today and see if she had responded/check on her and discovered that she deleted her entire blog. What a shame...

I am sure that my link was not the only reason for her decision. I guess my question is...did I violate some code of blogger ethics?

If she wanted her blog to be personal, I guess she should not have chosen to make it public.


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