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May 12, 2004


I saw a video this morning. In this video, a young American Jewish man - Nick Berg is sitting in a chair. He states his name, where he is from and the names of his family. The video then cuts to him sitting on the floor, hands and feet bound, in front of five Muslim men who have their faces hidden (cowards). The one in the middle reads in arabic from several papers...obviously their "statement" regarding what they are about to do and why. Nick can only sit, looking terrified. I really hope that he had no idea what they were about to do. When the reading is done, a voice, seemingly from off camera, screams in arabic sounding like a battle cry. They push Nick down to the floor as the reader pulls a large knife out. He proceeds to saw at Nick's neck as he screams in agony. The others hold him down. When the obviously difficult task of completely severing his head is finished and the screaming has stopped, the monster holds Nick's head up in front of the camera like a hunter proudly displays his kill.

The urge to vomit has now passed, but it took a while. Now, the anger sets in.

This was supposedly done to "restore the dignity" of the prisoners that were abused in the photos that have fueled the anger of the Muslim world. But you know what? Those people will live! Yes, they were mistreated and shamed, but they have their heads still attached!!!

Why are we spending billions of dollars to help these people!? Why??? This man was there to help them rebuild their country. I say that all Americans and other people who are there to help should leave immediately. I say that the military personnel who are there fighting these futile battles, getting nowhere, wasting our resources and traumatizing their families should be pulled OUT! All of them. Fuck "finishing the job." They don't want us there. It is high time that they all get the hell out and let them deal with their own problems. Let Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and his henchmen take care of things and spend Saddam's money on the "rebuilding."

I realize that not all of the Muslims and people of Iraq are evil. If I didn't realize this, I would say that the entire place should be blown to smithereens. But there are good people there. But I really do believe that it is time to leave them all on their own. Perhaps the good people there should get out, too.

And WHY are we apologizing for some of the things Americans have done to the prisoners there, when they pale in comparison to some of the things they have done to our people? I realize that soldiers have killed may of their people, but what about the civilian contractors that they burned, hung from a bridge and beat with poles? What about Nick Berg? WHERE IS OUR FUCKING APOLOGY????????? We will not get one. Why does it seem, more and more, that we are at the mercy of these people?

I am so angry and frustrated over this situation - this "war on terror." I hadn't commented on here about any of this yet, but I can no longer contain my outrage. It just won't stop and it has got to. When and how will this end?


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