June 30, 2004

Adventures of the Traveling Head

Many of you already know that I am a neophyte photographer. I carry my camera with me at all times in hopes of capturing a fascinating scene should I happen upon it at the right time.

Now for a new adventure: I have volunteered to be a part of the Travelinghead Project.

"The travelinghead project is an ongoing experiment in social behavior. It is a work of art, continually expanding through the photographs, ideas and hard work of creative individuals worldwide. The project is a narrative which is open to anyone with a camera!! It is the telling of a story which is written, chapter by chapter through the photos, artwork and 'confessionals' of the people involved.

It is an opportunity for individuals on a worldwide scale to share stories and pictures, create art and document how their life, and the lives of those around them are affected by the same object."

This is Bella while she was visiting Lithium Picnic. He did naughty things to her. LOL

I will be taking it to my favorite coffee shop for some stimulating conversation, perhaps a bike ride or a swim, various car rides and fun with my pets and some herb garden shots. I hope I get the head in the summer time. ...although could have some fun with snow.

I was placed on the "waiting list" to "get head" (LOL) today. I would LOVE to have your input on what kind of fun things I can do with the head for the project!

I'm excited...this should be too much fun.

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