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June 15, 2004

The Feds

Let's just get this out of the way...I think I am paranoid.

I have been noticing these cars around the city...big, black Chevys with no frills - seemingly made to deliberately look inconspicuous. They have antennas on the trunk lids and some pretty sophisticated GPS system type crap on the dash, however. I've seen several...been seeing them more and more. I started paying attention a few days ago, trying to tell if it is the same car I keep seeing. Could be the same car, I suppose, but the driver keeps changing.

They are usually driven by very straight-edge looking guys in black suits and sunglasses. I kid you not. At first, I thought they were undercover cops, but I'm starting to wonder. I don't think they're cops...they're feds. WTF? Why are there so many federal agents driving around in Des Moines, Iowa?

Just another one of those things that make you go "hmmmmmm...?". (yes, I do remember the song)

By the way, much to my dismay, my shoes are still sucking and farting. Go here if you don't have any clue what I am talking about. It sucks (no pun intended) but I don't give a shit.


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