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June 04, 2004

Carb'd Out

I am so sick of hearing all about this carb/Atkins craze crap. Low carb sodas, carb friendly fast food, carb carb carb...ACK! I am so tired of it! Seems everyone is jumping on the low carb bandwagon. Now, I like a good steak, meat is good, eggs are cool...fine. I don't, however, see how a diet that pays no attention to fat intake can be good for you. Your body needs things that can only be found in fruits, breads and such and it seems to me that you would be robbing your system of vital nutrition. Anyway, whatever happened to eating wisely and in a balanced manner and exercising?

Dr. Atkins died and the autopsy revealed that he was overweight, had blocked arteries and various other health problems. Great example, folks.

The next time I see or hear another ad about yet another company that has jumped on the Atkins bandwagon, I am going to scream.



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