July 06, 2006

Agent Provocateur

It has been said that a woman should have an intimate relationship with her corset. It will take on her shape a little more every time that she wears it...

As a corset virgin, it is with a little apprehension that I slowly remove my brand new black satin corset from its delicate tissue paper. I turn the corset over and place it on my dressing table. I loosen the laces as instructed and pull the corset apart, undoing th clips at the front and place it around my body...

Beginning with the smaller hooks at the bottom, I start to fasten the corset. I find the clips at the top slot together all in one - so far so good!

I pull the lacing at the back to fit snugly around my newly found waist and tie it tightly. At first, I feel quite restricted, but as my body adjusts I become used to this new and strangely pleasurable sensation.

I move around my bedroom testing my physical limitations and, as the corset is warmed by my body, it begins to mould itself to my curves. After a short while, I can't help but pull the laces just that little bit tighter.

I feel sexy, glamorous and extremely feminine. Looking in the mirror, I notice that my posture has instantly improved, even when seated. I look elegant, feel powerful and am ready to paint the town red.

Corset virgin to corset addict in the time it usually takes to put on mascara. Perfect.

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