July 12, 2006

I have entered the gates of hell.

GAH! I am hating my job right now. From this lovely screen shot, you can see that I have, indeed, entered the gates of hell.

I have been burdened blessed with the responsibility of transferring ALL of our company forms/agreements/legal documents that need to be "filled out" over to Excel spreadsheets that are good-n-ready to be populated by system-generated data from our prospecting application databases. Variable data, kids. Yeah. Very complex formulas and links. ...and LOTS of them! Conditionals! Oh yeah, and they have to be perfect when printed out. Oh, the humanity!

Then I get to train everyone on how to USE them.

Aaaaaaiiiiiieeeee! Now I get assaulted by an image like this from my image host!


Oh yeah, I said that.

I'm about half done, but the formulas and the data source pages and links and the colums and merged cells are MAKING ME FUCKING CRAZY.


I'll stop whimpering if someone quickly delivers a white russian to me or lets me make some purty graphics stuff now. Please?

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