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July 07, 2006

SASF v.7.7.6 - Week from Hell FINALLY OVER

I'm buried up to my eyeballs in work, so no fluff today. I'm lucky I got this far...

Trump's Puppy

You feed me Kibbles & Bits!?!?! You're FIRED!

Falling Apart

Hundreds of people are thronging a hospital in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata to see a patient holding a piece of his own skull that fell off. Yipes!


This kid's got issues. I have to admit, though, that it made me giggle. The Stanford cafeteria will never be the same.

Cyber-Stalker's Dream

Flash Earth is SO much fun to play with. I was able to zoom in and see my own freakin' house and where I work. Creepy! Hmmm...what's your address? heh

While zooming in on the Midwest, however, I happened to notice this:

Why does Missouri look like that?! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Fun with Math

Oh my! That's quite an equation you've got there! *snickers*

She's still got it!

Veteran sex symbol Sofia Loren, first featured on magazine covers half a century ago, will appear for next year's Pirelli calendar dressed up only in diamond earrings. Sofia will be 72 this fall. You go, girl!

No Ifs or Ands

Check this out for a new and different way to learn about America's landmarks.

Holy sharkfin soup!

A new shark movie is supposedly in the works. Should prove interesting (or NOT! lol), but there's some very interesting discussion on the boards about the megalodons.

Dude, looookout!

Express Route

Go straight to your floor and leave the rest behind with elevator hacking. (this works, too...used to do it all the time. D'oh!) The site, in general, is quite informative. heh heh

Speaking of Elevators

...or "lifts" as my lovely British friends would call them. Put on your dancin' shoes. heehee!

Man, People Just Don't Think

As opposed to jobs down in the crevasse? LOL

Special thanks goes out to Archmage this week for coming up with several of these goodies to bail my ass out. *smooch*

Have a fabulous weekend, peeps!


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