July 10, 2006

Hot Pink & Old + Pirates!

We had quite the swimming adventure this weekend. I took the D-man swimming at our neighborhood pool on Saturday only to have some jerk shit in the pool about a half hour after we got there. We all got out of the water (ew!) and watched the life guards walk around with rubber gloves, nets and buckets dipping it out. After quite a while, they got out the big cleaning machine and I'm pretty sure they ended up shutting down the pool. I wasn't going back in there anyway. We got tickets to get back in some other time and left.

So, yesterday we went swimming at a different pool. This one was better anyway - bigger pool & awesome water slides! D and I were in the water for a good 3 hours and, despite slathering SPF 30 all over myself, today I am a lovely shade of hot pink. I hate pink. Now I'm my own personal space heater. Ow. I must have done a better job on the D-man, though...he's not even pink.

I have a class reunion coming up this month. It sucks because it's really made me realize how long it's been since I graduated and it's making me feel old. No, I'm not telling how many years. lol Anyway, I found the (what I think is the) perfect dress for the reunion and it should be arriving soon. I'm excited because I think the dress is gorgeous and I found exactly what I was looking for. So, I show the picture to Chris - "look honey, I found the perfect dress!" to which he replied "Huh. Looks like something Elvira would wear." What?! Grrrrr... Bite me, man. I love it. Maybe I should have got it in green. I guess I shouldn't be insulted being compared to the ultimate goth vixen - she's just too cheezy for me.

Oh well, it will go nicely with my new Auburn hair. Yes, I dyed it. Back to my roots, I suppose. I was getting tired of trying to maintain the blonde. I was a blonde growing up, then the red started showing through and the older I get, the darker it gets. It's nice to be back to something I won't have to maintain.

Went to see Pirates of the Caribbean - Dead Man's Chest this weekend and it was great. I was fascinated by all of the funky creatures in Davey Jones' crew, and, of course, by Johnny & Orlando. Mrowr. I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't seen it - let's just say they left it wiiiide open for #3.

We're going on vacation in two weeks (can I hear a big WOOOT?). We'll be heading up to Wisconsin for a 6 days. We'll be checking out the Tall Ships Festival in Green Bay and we're going to go cruising on a huge sailing ship like this one! That should be so cool. One of the ships from Dead Man's Chest is going to be there, too. D will be so excited. They'll even being doing some reenactments of pirate battles!

I'm really looking forward to this vacation as we all need it badly. 14 more days.

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