July 17, 2006

Crazy from the Heat?

Yes, as said on my sidebar, my life may not always be a bed of roses but it's always interesting.

It's been horribly hot here this past week - getting hotter as I type this. The high is supposed to be 100 today with humidity in the "dripping the minute you open the door" range. Ug. I have no idea what I'd do (besides melt) without air conditioning.

Anyway, I digress.

Last night we had quite the interesting visit. We were all snuggled in our beds, dreaming of heaven knows what when a furious pounding at the front door began. It was quickly accompanied by the unmistakable voice of one of Chris' friends from his youth (with whom he hasn't "hung out" for years), shouting "Chris, Chris, let me in man, I need your help. I did something stupid man, let me IN!" Oh, gads, this can't be good.

Chris stumbled to the door as quickly as he could so as to shut the dork up, and let him in. He was literally FREAKING OUT. In my suddenly-awakened stupor, I didn't catch what had caused him to do this, but he claimed that he had just "shot up" an entire bar full of people. He said he came in the back door with two guns and kept shooting until he hit the front door.

Holy crap! WTFFFFFFF??????!!!!!

Anyway, he said that he then ran directly to Chris' brothers house, only 2 blocks away from said dive, and begged him to "get him the hell out of" there. He promptly delivered him to our front door. Remind me to thank him later.

He was flipping out about going to prison, he can't get caught, we're the only people he can trust (as he's following Chris into the bathroom to make sure he's not calling the cops), he can't get caught and a whole lot of cussing and oh, my Gods, and general hysterical blathering. We were able to get him to settle down a little (and sit down, for that matter), but he was still a mess. I asked him if he thought he'd hit anyone and he said he had no idea. He said that he hid the guns in the bushes (thank G-D he didn't have them ON him!) and ran, never looking back. He said he even left his mom's truck at the bar.

Now, understand that this guy's got issues. He's been to prison a couple of times, he uses or has been known to use various drugs and who knows what he'd been into lately. Let's just say he got an A in Shady Character 101.

Chris convinced him that, for numerous reasons, he could not stay at our house (duh!). Primarily, he could not stick around due to the fact that Chris' brother is a HUGE fan of drama and has a tendency to not be able to keep his mouth shut. We pointed out that he knows he's here, and if he calls the cops, they'll come right here looking for him (great). We also have a child and our own well being to worry about. He needed to go somewhere else and NOW, so Chris suggested that he head 3 blocks down the street to another friends place (where there are no children and no one would know where to find him and he'd be the hell away from us). He apologized for showing up and troubling us with all this then, thankfully, he obliged and left.

Chris' brother called a few minutes later, having returned to his neighborhood. He said that there were no cop cars or emergency vehicles at the bar and everything there appeared to be normal and that his mom's truck was in her driveway. Huh.

Honestly, I think the guy either hallucinated or made the whole thing up. I've been scouring the news all day looking for any sign of news about it, and have found nothing. I'm almost tempted to call the bar and ask them if there was trouble there last night. I really hope it didn't happen as he will most certainly go back to prison if it did, not to mention people being hurt.

Needless to say, it took a while to get back to sleep after that. Thank heavens the D-man slept through the whole thing. Sometimes I really think we're total freak magnets. Sheesh!

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