September 05, 2006

Feels Like Monday

Steve Irwin, the crocodile hunter, was killed. He was swimming with a stingray (on film, mind you) and the stingray speared him through the heart with it's poisonous barb. He pulled the barb out of his heart and died right there. I'm really sad because he was a huge nature/wildlife advocate and I liked him a lot.

RIP Crocodile Hunter

There was a lot more to this post, but I decided to move it. If you are particularly interested in reading my whiney drivel, then go here. That's where I may end up if I decide to completely dump blogger.

There's so much more just under the surface. *scritch*

Did it ever occur to you how screwed up it is that people say "Hi, how are you?" when they greet you? Half of the time they don't even listen to your answer and the expected response is "oh, fine, you?". Have you noticed how it throws people off and they get all uncomfortable and fidgety when you say "Horrible, and you?"

I think I need coffee.

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