September 01, 2006

WTFF v.9.1.6 - Long Weekend!

I've been sicker than shit all week. Today is the first day that I haven't had to dope myself up to get out of the house. I can't afford to miss any work, so I've been schlepping myself in to the office all week and I am SO glad it's Friday. I am so ready to just kick back and relax. Plans? HA! I don't WANT to make any plans - just chill.

OK, no more whining. On to the fun stuff, eh?

Good Gifs

Y'all know that I'm a freak for .gif files. My favorites for this week feature some of my favorite characters from movies/TV:

Damn, I miss these commercials. This guy is just so silly, he always made me smile.

Yes! Season three of Lost begins in just a wee bit over a month!

Wheee! Name that character.

Slow Mo Home Depot

This is just too funny. I want to participate in one of these things but they never do fun stuff like this in Iowa. Hmmm...

Eat Your Peas!

Here's a cute and creepy cartoon that caught my evil eye. The D-Man likes peas, so he WON'T be seeing this!
Eat yer PEEES!

Put that thing...

In a book! "This book contains no nudity. No profanity. No sexual material of any kind. And yet it just might be the most obscene thing we've ever published!
Penis Pokey is an illustrated board book with a large die-cut hole in its center. Every spread features a dazzling full-color illustration with one thing missing—a banana, perhaps, or a fire hose, or a sea serpent. Male readers can complete the illustrations using the talents God has given them.
Are we serious? Yes! Is this funny? Absolutely! Will this be a terrific hit with college students, bachelorette parties, and exhibitionists of all ages? Of course! Penis Pokey is far and away the strangest and funniest novelty book we've seen in a long, long time."
Get your copy here: at Amazon.
Now I know what to get for the man who...never mind. lol

Too Freakin' Cute

These have got to be quadrulplets. I feel sorry for the mom, but they sure seem to be having a good time! It almost makes me want to have another one...almost. heh

Whoa, dude!

Here is the place to go if you have a lot of time on your hands and like things that are "trippy." It gets weirder the more you play with it (does that sound bad? lol).


I really like this tattoo:

I'm looking for designs for my next ink, and this one is #1 as of this date. What do you think?

World's Top 100

This is a pretty cool page:
It's the 100 top wonders of the world. So far, I've seen:
Grand Canyon
Louvre Museum
Carlsbad Caverns
Chartres Cathedral
Mont St. Michel
Eiffel Tower
NYC Skyline
Yellowstone National Park
Niagara Falls
Chateau Chambord

13 down, 87 to go. That's quite a challenge. Where've you been?

Sea Monster!

Once again brought to us by the amazing eBay, you've all missed your opportunity to own your own sea monster. The auction is over, and the guy got $1500 for it! I think it looks fake, but the guy insists it's real. It IS creepy, I'll give him that. Sure would scare the shit out of me to encounter this while deep-sea diving.


Well, that's all I have for today. I do, however, feel compelled to mention my EXTREME DISPLEASURE regarding the rumor (gads, I hope it's only a rumor) that John Mayer is dating Jessica Simpson! WTF!?!?! He is so much smarter than that! John, say it isn't so! all have a fantastic weekend, now. ...and remember, comments make Celti a happy girl!


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