September 20, 2006

Heading for the Blues

For our anniversary less than a month ago, I bought a Blue Man Group DVD for Chris. I got the idea when we were watching them on a PBS special and we both thought they were awesome. I've always thought they were funny, but had never really seen them perform before that. We were hooked.

We've watched the DVD at least 5 times since then.

Well, Chris' birthday is tomorrow. I happened to find out that the Blue Man Group will be coming through our area on tour in November, so Chris is getting 2 tickets for his birthday (taking me, of course. Lol)

On past tours and projects, they've worked together with Dave Matthews, Tracy Bonham, Venus Hum and many others. I hope they have some cool guests coming on tour with them this time. They're keeping it rather hush hush so far.

They're doing this thing where you pre-register your cell phone and you participate in interactive text messaging during the concert. It's called mobkastr and sounds like it will be pretty cool. I, of course, have already registered. Woot!

We can't wait to see them - looks like it's going to be a really cool experience.

Here is one of my favorite songs/videos of theirs, for your enjoyment:

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