November 03, 2004


I try to abstain from political meanderings on my blog as politics often brings disagreement and alienation. I have friends who are Republican, and I respect their right to their own opinions and to choose for themselves. I can't, however, seem to focus on much more than the dread in my heart this morning.

I just read on MSNBC that Bush has 269 Electoral votes so far and that Kerry has 238. With 31 electoral votes still up in the air, Kerry could only reach 269 if he wins them ALL. The winner is supposed to have 270 to win. What happens if they tie at 269?

I also just heard (through the grapevine) that the Florida voting machines were jacked up (big surprise there) and that votes for Kerry were recorded as votes for Bush. WTF? Does anyone know anything about this? I googled it with several different key words and found nothing.

One of my friends stopped by last night. When I asked him if he'd voted yet, he informed me that he had not and didn't intend to. I asked why and he said that he wanted to vote for Nader, but that it was a waste of time. I tried and tried to convince him to go, but he would not. I lost a considerable amount of respect for him just then. I wonder how he feels today.

I got shit-faced last night as I watched the results come in, state after state turning red on the map (how's that for symbolism?). Regardless, I wobbled to bed at 10:30 with fear and dread in my heart. I awoke to affirmation. Although it isn't over officially yet, I anticipate with trepidation the song that the fat lady will sing.

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