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November 09, 2004

I got a lotta Nothin'

My mind is a perplexing mess today...a million thoughts all bumping into each other "hey, watch it!" "oh, excuse me!" "what was that?" "What did she say?"

All of this political bickering and fighting in blog land is giving me a headache. It's not that I want to take the easy way out and avoid conflict. A big part of my wants to dive in and rip certain individuals to shreds while brandishing my tongue-sword in the denfense of kindred spirits while another part of my backs.away.slowly, not wanting to offend someone I care about, not wanting to come off like a bitch, not wanting to be attacked, wondering where my rock is so I can crawl underneath in the dark, humid safety of solace. If my mood is good, I want to maintain that if at all possible. It gets lonely under that rock.

There has been a lot of sexy talk going on today (and last night) and it is making me squirm in my chair. Another big part of my mind is taking the rest by the hand and bidding it follow to fantasy land - that vivid, sordid, hot and steamy realm where I can have my way with whom I want and everything goes perfectly. Heh heh...I'd better stop here on this thread...

The way that I can get inside my own head and create my own world, dream, fantasize is sometimes disturbing. There is so much noise yet it is completely silent on the outside. Is it like that for everyone? If I could type fast enough, I would attempt to document the stream of thoughts. Hmmm...maybe I'll try that...
This is an experiment people. Ok...here goes...

dang i know i'm not going to be able to type fast enough for this to work ow that bump on my gums hurts what the hell is that thing it's just a bump did something get stuck in there oh I like this song I need to get this album I'm getting hungry almost time for lunch what will I have can't be carbs damn i miss bread i want a sandwich had chicken yesterday nothing really in the fridge that's all protein getting sick of jerky and no more fucking eggs hey that itches oh well stick to it damn it you still have a lot to lose when should i buy new clothes not until you're done or you won't get to wear them long as they'll be baggy everything is baggy now deal with it it's in style anyway if you want to look like you have no ass that would be something new now wouldn't it you've always had a lot of junk in the trunk ha ha gotta get some new bras damnit stupid thing keeps riding up on my back tighten it a few notches dumbass wait you aren't going to have shit for a rack to be proud of dang why am i blogging i have work to do i'm gonna get busted would they fire me nah they love what I do too much at least my screen faces away from the door so they can't peek but it's on the firewall oh well Kevin doesn't give a shit unless i piss him off and don't do his stuff he's still on atkins i should watch some videos on launch.com no work stupid get your shit done and then you can play hope derrick is having a better day today don't know whether to tell him to kick killian's ass or tell on him why does he pick on him they're only 4 for god's sake summer's streaks in her hair look fucking ridiculous why does she do that damn she's tall.

Ok, that's enough. I was right...couldn't keep up. It's official. I'm crazy. Oh, well...that's ok. I'm comfortable with it. *chuckle chuckle*


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