November 20, 2005


Well, yesterday was quite a full day. D and I went shopping in the morning for hats and gloves (where do they always GO at the end of the season??), went and had lunch with daddy, took back cans & bottles and then went to see Harry Potter. It was very good - I'll probably post about it within the next couple of days (sorry Owl - lol!).

Last night was our annual "Fire in the Sky" celebration to kick off the holiday season. There is a big parade with Santa and street vendors & such, and then fireworks - lots of very impressive fireworks. It was rainy and very chilly, but we had a good time. We went to the celebration with D's grandparents and then went to dinner afterwards. D fell asleep with his head on my lap before the entrees arrived. Oh was a quiet dinner for which I was thankful. Grilled Salmon de Burgo. mmmmm.

So, when we arrived home, I noticed it was a bit chilly in the house. Upon checking the thermostat, I discovered that it was 60 in the house and it was set to 68. Wha...? After a considerable amount of time toying with the thermostat and furnace itself, we determined that it just was not working. Gah! We called our furnace guy friend Lee, and he said he'd come look at it in the morning.

Upon waking this morning, it was 56 in the house. Brrrrr! I turned on the heat lamp for the frog and the snake and turned the oven on with the door open, but it's still quite chilly in here. Lee is here now, and said there's a switch gone bad and he doesn't have the right part. Ohh, I hope he can fix it. It's only 35 degrees outside! *shiver*

It's fixed! Hooray for furnace-man friends! He cleaned it all out and fixed the switch and we're all warm and toasty now. yay!


  1. Dangit! I jinxed you guys! Sorry! :(

    We're still w/o a furnace, but the neighbors have helped out keeping their own heat on, so we ain't freezin'...yet! Plus, this means it's oven-cooking season again!

    Looking forward to the GoF review...we're stuck waiting 'til Wednesday to go see it.

    Stay warm! Off to gather some new additions to our household (post later!).

  2. It's cold here in Texas today too, although not quite as cold as where you are : )
    Keep warm!

  3. Sounds like a good night for snuggling huh?.....hope ya stay warm!

  4. Dang, I hate it when the furnace don't work. Ran into the same thing a few years ago before moving. Turned out a switch needed to be replaced. Hope you get the heat back soon. I know it's going to be warm here for the next day or so. Hopefully you'll get some of that too until the furnace is working properly.

  5. Last night it kept getting colder and colder here in Texas also. I broke down and put the heat on. Went to bed but couldn't fall asleep because of the heat... got up and turned the air conditioning on to counter-act the heat.

    Then it got too cold... tossed and turned, finally got up and turned both off.

    I think my internal system is all screwed up today. ;)

  6. Spc - way to go! lol Well, I'm glad you have heat seeping in from your neighbors. Oooh, the review. I'll try not to include any spoilers. How are those kitties?

    Brighton - yep, it was downright chilly. So glad it's fixed!

    Mike - heh heh. It actually made for good sleeping. :)

    Vince - it was quite an unpleasant surprise. I'm hoping for a bit of a warm up for thanksgiving - so the kids won't be cooped up inside.

    Denny - air and heat at the same time!? Don't you have a thermostat, silly? lol I know what you mean. We're at that in-between time. A week ago, it was 75.

  7. Happened to me last year, and had to use a space heater for a week! My stupid landlord was on vacation, and I was broke. Sucked big balls. A few nights, we had to stay at my dad's, cause I wouldn't sleep with the kids AND the space heater on. Uh uh!

  8. My mom's furnace went on Christmas Eve three years ago, when it was 10* out. Try finding a furnace guy *then*!

  9. 56 eh? Kinda sounds like some of the 'weather' I've had above the bar when I lived there! Glad you got it fixed sweetie... gonna be in the low 20s tonight.

  10. Winter's come to the UK too - and really going to hit in the next few days if the weather people are right. I say - YAAY!

    I already told you what to do about the heat - burn your bras! :D

    Blog away on the Potter thing. Took the kids on Monday myself, so I guess I'll be adding my free movie publicity cents to the pile out here on the blogs...! :)

    Seriously, cold homes are dreadful, I know. Look after yourselves!

  11. Jamie - a week? Dang! That sucks!

    Julie - oh, major suckage! of luck with that. lol

    Cootera - Ack! Aren't you SOOO happy that you have your very own thermostat with house attached!?

    Owl - Well, I don't think those bras would heat the place for long. lol I don't mind winter weather at all as long as it stays outside. I'm waiting on the Potter thing until Spc sees it so I don't spoil it for him. What did you think of Harry & Moaning Myrtle snuggling in the tub? lol