November 14, 2005

The Calm After the Storm

Well, Friday ended up being quite the shitty day for me. That nasty, demon-filled dark cloud that I've been running away from for weeks finally caught up to me. I went home, put Chris in charge of the little one, sedated myself and went to bed at 7:30. It was just what I needed.

As if mother nature was empathizing, we awoke to stormy skies on Saturday. Seems she had a few surprises in store for us...

Twisters! We had at least three good sized ones hit the area Saturday afternoon. One of them forced the evactuation of the stadium just prior to the start of the Iowa State game, but they didn't take a direct hit. The towns of Woodward and Stratford, on the other hand, did. It's reported that somewhere around 70 houses were destroyed and one person was killed. The one that hit Stratford has been declared an F3 with winds of aroudn 150 mph.

This is why we all have basements. Gah!

Some Woodward residents took some pretty amazing home video of the tornado that hit their area. You can watch it by clicking on the "Viewer Captures Roaring Tornado In Woodward" link near the center of this page.

Damn, I wish I would have known about them before it was all over - I would have gone a chasin'!

We didn't get much rain in Des Moines. I cleaned my kitchen while it sprinkled in the morning and then the D-man and I enjoyed an afternoon of shopping, garage sale perusing and leaf-pile jumping that was very nice.

We picked up a couple of videos on the way home - a batman flick for D and the first disc from the first episode of Lost for me. I'd been hearing so many people talking about how awesome it was, so I had to check it out. I watched the first four episodes only to go back and get disc two last night. As soon as I get caught up with the series on DVD, I think I'm going to start watching it each week. It's official - I am hooked. Damn good show! Damn it! lol

Have a Happy Monday, everyone. Be good to each other, you hear?


  1. wow... I am so glad I don't live in Iowa... I couldn't deal with those things swirling around me...