November 04, 2005

SASF v.11.4 - Gotta Do What You Gotta Doo

There are some things that just have to be going to the restroom, the loo, the WC, the toilet. We all do it. Some of us just do it with more style than others. There's a whole world to explore out there on how we deal with this issue.

Peculiar & Interesting Recepticles

For the Minimalist, we have the Hatbox Toilet. Yes, that's a toilet.

...Or these lovely urinals for guys who...never mind. Ew!

You know, when touring the castles of France, I found myself looking around wondering "where in this place did they go?" Well, perhaps this was the kind of thing they used! Anyone know?

Something about this just seems so very

Ahhh..the pay potty. This one is from England, but they have these babies in France, too. One time, while I was out and about in Paris, I used one of these. You put in a franc (about $.20 at the time) and the door opens automatically. You go in, do your business, and when you exit the door closes behind you. On this particular occasion, a young man blasted into there as I came out. He must not have had a franc or whatever. What he must not have realized is that they're self-cleaning. When the door closes, jets of hot soapy water spray down the inside to clean it for the next patron. The jets started up and you could hear him yelling, pounding on the door, trying to get out. He came out looking like a drowned rat. The old lady sitting on the bus bench next to me and I exchanged a look and burst out into giggles. Poor sap.

bwaaahahahaha! I'd bet the ones with the more appreciative looks get the most use. lol

This, my friends, is a turkish toilet. They have them all over Europe. You can imagine my face the first time I walked into one. Your feet go on the "treads" to the sides and you squat to do your business. Nothing to sit on - that's right. It's a very interesting "experience." Let's just say that it's not advisable for someone with bad balance or slippery shoes.

Education des Toilettes

This site provides QUITE an eduction on toilets around the world. Enjoy!

Do Up Your Own Loo has got some really cool potties you can buy for your WC. It's where some of the ones above came from (click the link for details or to just check them out). In fact, has some pretty damn cool stuff for ALL of your house!

Damn, I need one of these!

Living with two "boys," cleaning the toilet area is not always a joy. Oh hell, let's face it - it stinks! They aren't the best with their aim, not to mention splatter. Perhaps I should install one of these on the wall:

Think it would do any good?

Speaking of Droppings

I guess Civet Cat droppings make fabulous coffee.
Eeeeewww eww ewwwwww!

Throw in a Giggle

This, having absolutely nothing to do with toilets, had to be shared. It made me giggle like a fool. This guy's got TALENT.

My, what a big Trombone you have!

Shake it, baby! lol

Movin' On

Speaking of what you gotta do, it's time that I tell you, or rather show you, what I have up my sleeve. I'm moving, kids. I have a new blog home you can find right here. Please update your links and come on over to see me. This blog will stay up for at least a while, but I'll be posting to the new one instead of here.

C'mon, come check out Live Journal. There are perks you never imagined on Blogger and it's where all the cool kids play (or so they say. lol).


Have a fabulous weekend!



    and re" civet coffee. I've been callin' it "Weasel Leakin's" since...1995.

  2. Oooooops! I commented anon on your new blog and forgot to add my name LOL!

    I'm an idiot.


  3. I somehow feel so flushed after reading today! :)

    New email is headed your way. Spymac's undergoing some major revisions and it looks like I'm receiving about one mail msg out of 10.

  4. Are Turkish toilets used to cut down on public pooping? Because I immediately thought: "What if someone has diarrhea and they use one of those?" Crap all over your feet, that's what happens!