November 29, 2005

So...How Much did YOU Eat?

Gawd, I feel fat. Ug. I was so bad this past 4 day weekend...bad bad bad. I ate turkey, stuffing, rolls and potatoes (POTATOES!) and pie and cheesecake and more and more. I haven't had potatoes in like 6 months and DAMN were they good.

How much do you suppose you gained over the holiday. Oy.


'scuse me!

I've been on a plateau from hell for the last few months. After dropping about 75 pounds, it's like my body caught on to what was going on and said "oh, no! We're not having any more of that, now!" Scrreeeeecch! The losing stopped. So, as the book suggests, I'm starting over.

You see? Thanksgiving was kind of like my "last hurrah." I porked, yes I did.

As soon as I get my protein supply well stocked, I'm going to do "phase one" again. That means the smallest amount of carbs I can possibly consume - no pototoes, corn, rice, pasta, bread or sugar of any kind. I've done it before, I can do it again. I'm hoping it will "kick start" me back into losing mode as I'm not where I want to be yet! Wish me luck.

Ketosis coming, kids. Get ready. lol

Oh, by the way, I turned off that blasted word verification in my comments. If it was pissing ME off, it had to be pissing some of you off. :D


  1. I weighed myself this morning. Not good, especially not before the xmas season start with all the good food associated with it.

  2. I actually lost a pound. Huh, weird.

  3. when you're on a major diet, there are always plateaus and then a leveling out period... where you lose nothing... then all of a sudden BANG you're back on track... You'll start losing again, you'll see.

  4. My diet is currently coffee and cake with chocolate in both. What?

  5. I always gain 10-15 pounds this time of the year. I stop going to the gym, sit more, eat more, drink more....but I'm ok with it. ;)

  6. God, I couldn't go that long without carbs. Being Italian, I'd die without bread and pasta. Plus I LOVE potatoes!

    Good luck with the diet.

  7. I'm looking at getting back to Phase 1 myself after the start of the new year, but I'm gonna try to cut back on the carb intake. South Beach really works, but I'm with Syd-I'm so in love with breads and pasta this time of year...(sigh).
    BTW, if you can find it, try DREAMFIELDS pasta--it's a low-carb pasta that's a little pricey, but tastes really darned good!

  8. Good luck....and I got rid of the word verification a few weeks ago myself....and luckily haven't been spammed yet.

  9. I ate waaaay too much, other than that i don't wanna talk about it! LOL


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