August 01, 2006

Enough Bitching, Already

Ok, I've bitched and moaned enough. After being told by the IT guy that "there's no way we can recover those files" I did as I usually do and continued to pursue it. Thanks to the wonderful and very wise Owl (who was not at home when I called so I was denied the pleasure of hearing his sexy accent. lol) I have a file recovery program scanning as I speak, hopefully finding my lost goodies. Cross your fingers for me, people.

By the way, I know I've been negligent lately with the Short Attn. Span Friday posts. Never fear - I have not abadoned them. I have simply been overworked and suffering from a pissy attitude for the last few weeks. Vacation (despite yesterday's tribulations) was VERY theraputic and I am feeling quite refreshed and ambitious. I have gathered a lot of goodies over the past couple of weeks, so get your giggle sticks ready.

I feel compelled to mention what I did to myself this morning. Simply stated, I was washing my hair in a bit of a hurry and ended up stabbing/cutting myself on the forehead with a fingernail. Who the hell does something like that? It's not like I have daggers for nails or anything, but it hurt like hell and looks genuinely strange. How do you explain something like that? Gads, I amaze myself some times.

Ooh, ooh, look! I finally got a new picture of my tattoo cropped & uploaded and put on my sidebar. heehee! In case you've been wondering, I had to take down the lovely winky corseted Celti girl I had there because the artist who's original drawing/image/whateveryoucallit I had transformed was not happy about what I'd done to her. He said I could post her in her original form, but the problem is that she doesn't match (I have a thing about that) and she wasn' I'm sad and I miss her, but out of respect for the artist I took her down (though there were no copyrights or anything on his site saying images can't be used, blah blah. ack.). I'm too nice some times.

I've been working on some new writing projects & possibly a new blog that I've been tempted to tell you about. I hesitate, however, because I don't want to offend anyone though I scoff at myself at the same time since I'm generally not worried about that as you can tell from the colorful language in my previous post. I just don't want y'all to think less of me, you know? The reason for my hesitation is that the stories are rather...hmmm, what's the word...naughty. *sniggers* I don't know - we'll see. If you want to read some of the naughtiness, let me know and I'll point you the right direction.

Anyway, my scan is done so I need to go check out what it found. Vacation pictures and stories to come! (It takes a long time to dl, resize those buggers. I took a shitload.)


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