August 04, 2006

WTFF v.8.4.6 - Cashing in the Rain Check

I try very hard not to break promises. I told you that I'd have some goodies for you this week, so here I am - ready to deliver. Hooray!

I do, however, feel compelled to change the name of our Friday freak fests, though. SASF (short attention span Friday) just doesn't seem to fit what this little project has morphed into. So, for now, I'll be dubbing my Friday posts WTFF! I'll spare you the explanation since I assume y'll know what the WTF stands for. Woot.

Let the wierdness commence!

Never Gonna Live it Down

A bit dated but still funny...
Anyone who is a fan of soccer (or football outside of the US) probably knows about the infamous head butt incident involving French player Zidane. Well, there's been a considerable amount of fun being had with that incident:

The original, unaltered incident:

The fun times:

Sheesh - enough already! I'm telling you, it goes on and on...more here if you really need more. lol Hell, you can even do the head butting yourself here. Zidane is toast. heh


USB Missle launcher
This would be SO much fun. Perfect for shooting right out of my office door onto the unsuspecting sales persons. ...or perhaps an IT guy or two. heh

Boston Love

This reminds me of Cootera's dog Gus and his "humpy" heeheeheeheehee!

Self Mutilation or Body Art?

Most of you know that I have a "thing" for tattoos. They totally fascinate me. I have been, however, checking out a lot of other body modification ideas and methods. Some of them are pretty cool, some are quite weird, and some are simply baffling to me.

Check this out, for example:

Why? Why would you want brass knuckles implanted on your chest? That just seems like it would be most unpleasant. *rolls eyes*

Here is another example of why people need to THINK very hard about their choices before getting inked:

Oh yeah, honey, the pink eyeshadow is really hardcore. *coughLosercough*

Super Groovy

This guy just made me giggle so much - how groovy is he?


Someone at this ad agency has been watching Salad Fingers!

If you don't know who Salad fingers is or how twisted the experience can be, go here That's my favorite episode, but there are 6 others. For that matter, there's plenty of other crazy shit on that site as well. David Firth is a sick puppy. lol

Harry, say it isn't so!

Dan Radcliffe, the star of the Harry Potter movies, will be appearing in Equus - a play about a stable boy who has "romantic relations" with his horses. Way to try to "break out of the mold", Dan! lol
Full details can be found here.

Sometimes work just kicks you in the arse...


But, it's the Message

You'll see some of your favorite bizarre internet characters getting together to spread an important message here at Check out the video. You can get the message if you can stifle the giggling enough to hear what they are singing.

Vader Madness

Ahh, youtube, I love you so. ...and we all love Darth Vader! Little did we know, however, that Luke wasn't his only son. Check out Chad Vader - Day Shift Manager

Wrong. Just wrong.

This person should be flogged.
Hmmm...perhaps that's what they were going after.

This is more like it!

That twist on Hello Kitty is much more appealing. *ahem*

Well, on that note, I think I'll sign off for now. I'd better get my ass back to work. hee

Have a great weekend!


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