August 17, 2006


Do you ever wake up in the morning completely confused? This morning, that's just how I woke up. I had some of the wierdest damn dreams.

In my dream, I was in some kind of pioneer prairie village setting like straight out of Little House on the Prairie (did anyone here ever watch that as a kid?). The people were all in period dress, doing things like making butter and chopping firewood. I stuck out like a sore thumb because I was in normal clothes of this time not to mention the fact that I came in a modern car - drove right down the main dirt street. The people congregated around me, chiding me for simply being there in the "state" I was in. Oops.

Well, it turned out that they were filming a movie and that I was screwing it up for them. Every time they'd start filming, I'd be spotted and they'd yell "cut! Get her out of here!". Sheesh.

They set up an old-fashioned, state fair style stage and the President showed up (yes, Dubya) to make some kind of speech. I was provided with period dress to put on so that I wouldn't ruin the movie any more, but I was forced to deal directly with the President's personal assistant who looked like a tall, skinny troll. You know? The kind with the fuzzy hair that you spin in your hands and then pull straight up?

Like this - but with grey hair and no champagne. He scared me.

Oh, and there were tigers there, too. Bathing tigers.

Yeah. Freakin' wierd.

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