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August 18, 2006

WTFF v.8.18.6

Hooray for Friday and welcome to another addition of WTF Friday!

Shall we?

Good Gifs

Y'all know that I'm a freak for .gif files. They're just so cool. Here are my fave finds for the week:

Sick & Wrong

This game is a bit disturbing, but surprisingly fun. Oh, those poor mice.
Fuzzy McFluffenstein

Dirty Car?

Don't wash it! Create art!

Damn, these are amazing.

Treadmill Rock

I've seen these guys before, but this one is really original and quite entertaining. Clever blokes.

Damn Wierd

crazy-ass asian magnetic spandex boy censorship Just go there. *snort* (Not particularly safe for work, but very funny.) It takes all kinds, I tell ya...

Damn Freaky

Though I know it's been five years, you might want to check out this interesting documentary about 9/11 and the Pentagon attack. It certainly makes you wonder what the hell really happened there.

Kick Ass Tornados

Check these out:
Most of you also know what a freak I am for storms. The power of nature has always been awe-inspiring for me. Here are a couple of tornado videos I found recently that are totally amazing.

This image is taken from #2 above. It's a great compilation, actually, of many tornados. Now that's something to see out your windshild while driving along!

A to Z - Rock & Roll Sex Scandals

Very interesting. Certainly brings back some memories (honk honk) lol

Kitty Bling

Now that's just silly.

Message is Clear

When a Utah man built his dream house, he didn't expect to get flack from a neighbor who was upset because he "blocked his view."
His response:

A "beautiful cactus" decoration for his neighbor to enjoy. heh

Have a great weekend, peeps!


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