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March 24, 2004

Ahhh...my theme song is on - "Bitch" by Meredith Brooks.

Last night sucked ass. My husband had a meltdown over some things that went bad at work, dove to the bottom of a bottle, stayed up half the night and then came in and puked on the bed. I want to strangle him - would have if he wouldn't have been so upset and depressed. I was up half of the night trying to get him under control and get the puke out of my bed. suck, suck, suck...

I still have this cold that is kicking my ass and now I am upset, depressed, sleep deprived and pissed off. Great state to be in. I think I'll seek margaritas at lunch.

I took of the blog linker thing I had on the side panel because the moron that set it up had his mba blog permanently pasted on there. I don't want to hear about him, his studies. The only way to get rid of the link I could find was to dump the whole thing.

Posted bitter little man in my links. He is so grouchy - it's brilliant. I only read a little and liked him immediately. Unfortunately, even his rantings could not cheer me up today.

Maybe the punk rock kittens on rathergood.com can help.

Here, kitty kitty...


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