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March 29, 2004

I am Not Well

Something is wrong. I just feel like crap today, but can't pin down what's up. My head is swimming around like I got some aspartame (I am allergic), my stomach is uneasy and my neck hurts like hell. I have taken advil and aleve and it still burns and aches. My head hurts, too. I just feel shitty. I hope there isn't something seriously wrong, but I just have not been well lately. Maybe my morning cafe mocha ritual has gone south. I have noticed that I seem to feel ok until after I drink my mocha.

I am starting to feel like updating and posting to this blog is futile and pointless. No one is reading this. I have not had one single comment. I don't know how to get this to show up on search engines or generate traffic to it. Maybe I am just boring and lame and no one cares to read the ramblings of a dull and unimpressive twit like me.


if ANYONE is reading this, would you please comment so I know...even if it's to say "screw you, you suck."


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